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kuraki mai and mink romaji done~

February 27, 2009

Yes, only the romanized lyrics are up for now, but I managed to put up mink’s newest album as well. It’s basically a compilation of her best works, but they decided to add three new songs on it (how evil can they be?) so I actually bought the album just for those three songs. Oh well, at least I liked one of the three, but was it worth over 3000 yen? Probably not.

I’ll probably put up the translations little by little while adding the romanized lyrics for the other singers. We’ll see what happens.


hard? no. tedious? very~

February 22, 2009

I decided to post all the romanized lyrics first for kuraki mai, then add translations. I think it might be easier to do it that way for me :P. It’s not hard but it’s very tedious work… Anyhow, all of her singles to date has been posted along with a couple of her older albums.

I’ll probably do smaller updates from during the weekdays from here on since I’ll be working mondays through fridays.

done with kanon, k-mai next~

February 21, 2009

Finally done with the kanon lyrics (at least for now until she releases a new cd). I’ll be working on kuraki mai next but seeing the number of lyrics I have for her, it’ll take a while (not to mention that I got a new job so I’ll have less free time :P).

I also decided to create a new ‘blog’ for each singer after all. kanon’s is done and can be found here. The link to the lyrics can be found on the singer’s information page. They’ll also be listed under ‘lyrics’ on the sidebar 😀 The long list of pages bothered me…

more kanon~

February 20, 2009

More kanon lyrics are up with only two more albums left. But I’m starting to wonder if I should’ve just made a new “blog” for each singer and put the links here rather than putting all of the pages on this one since the list of pages is getting rather long with just kanon lyrics. Imagine the list with all the other lyrics, especially kuraki mai since she has a lot…. Oh well, I guess I’ll try and figure it out sooner or later.

starting from kanon~

February 19, 2009

So I started putting up lyrics beginning from kanon (since my AiM lyrics are rather messed up in order right now) but the page doesn’t seem to load properly. It was showing up correctly at first, then suddenly it only displays the same information as the “singer’s info” stuff. I wonder if I did something wrong…

edit:  I think it was how I named the pages…  shows up fine now 😛

singers’ info up~

February 18, 2009

Ok, so lyrics haven’t been added, yet, but I did manage to get the information for the singers I’ll be posting the lyrics for added (did that even make sense?). I might look at the translations and update them before I post them though, since a lot of them were done so many years ago when I first started translating….

edit: my ‘1000 words’ lyrics are up for now 😉

move from msn groups~

February 17, 2009

i originally posted my translations on msn groups, but since they’re closing that, i’m trying to move the information here. i didn’t quite like multiply, the substitute for msn groups, so i hope wordpress will work better for me.

i should be putting up my lyrics for AiM, kanon, kuraki mai, mink, naja, sugar, and tainaka sachi over the next few days or weeks, depending on how lazy i get 😛

i wasn’t planning on keeping up with the translations when msn groups closed, but i figured it’s a good way of killing time XD

edit: the html from msn groups isn’t transferring well onto wordpress… oh well, it’ll just take more time for me i guess.