starting from kanon~

So I started putting up lyrics beginning from kanon (since my AiM lyrics are rather messed up in order right now) but the page doesn’t seem to load properly. It was showing up correctly at first, then suddenly it only displays the same information as the “singer’s info” stuff. I wonder if I did something wrong…

edit:  I think it was how I named the pages…  shows up fine now 😛


2 Responses to “starting from kanon~”

  1. ゼラ Says:

    hey, mink! thanks for continuing your lyrics on WP! once you get the hang of it, i guarantee that you’ll come to love it here.

    btw, i hope you don’t mind if i use your translations on my Kanon fan site ( i’ll be sure to credit you. thanks for the hard work.

    Kanon deserves more love, doesn’t she?? ❤

    • xxminkxx Says:

      yes, by all means, do feel free to use my translations as long as you credit me 🙂
      kanon definitely deserves more love and attention ^^

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