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touch Me! lyrics~

March 29, 2009

I finally got around to putting up kuraki mai’s newest album, ‘touch Me!’ lyrics, although I still have to work on the translations. I also noticed that I was missing the lyrics for her ’24 Xmas time’ lyrics so I put those up as well. I actually finished putting up the translations to the first two albums 😀 I should be able to get more translations up throughout the week…


usual k-mai update~

March 20, 2009

As usual, more k-mai translations are up (up to 2007 singles lyrics are done at the moment). I should be able to finish up the singles and move on to the albums during the weekend, then I can hopefully start on mink? We’ll see…

more k-mai~

March 13, 2009

Translations up to 2004 are done… More should be on the way over the weekend 🙂 But I still have a long way to go with k-mai since I haven’t touched any of the album translations 😦
I’m also wondering if I should start working on the romaji for touch Me! so that I can have it up before getting her new single in April… We’ll see.

some k-mai translations~

March 5, 2009

Slowly, but surely, my updated translations for kuraki mai is coming along. The first two years (1999 and 2000) are done. It’s kind of weird seeing my old translations… there are so many awkward translations and grammar….

all except AiM~

March 1, 2009

All romanized lyrics that was on the original msn groups have been posted except for the AiM lyrics. This also means that I haven’t gotten around to start working on kuraki mai’s newest album… I’ll slowly start editing my old translations and put them up as they’re done. AiM lyrics will most likely have to wait until then since it’s a total mess for me…