mink singles~

And finally, mink’s singles are all translated! That took a while despite the small number of songs she had 😛 Wonder how long it’ll take me to go through her albums…

Anyhow, I found out that mink will be releasing a new song, but with various artists that I could care less about so I probably won’t buy that cd and hope she releases in a different cd later on. Kuraki Mai will also be releasing a new single in June. I went ahead and pre-ordered that one already XD And no news of kanon releasing any cds at the moment… Although I can’t wait to hear the full versions of the songs used for ‘Guin Saga’ and another commercial for a wedding planner!


2 Responses to “mink singles~”

  1. YvonneMarie Says:

    Hi there! I hope that you can continue translating mink’s songs soon because I can’t find any anywhere! *huge fan here* Thank you so much for what you’ve done so far. 🙂

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