must preorder~

I just realized that kanon’s new mini album is ready for preordering on yesasia! Finally 😀 The cd itself is scheduled for an August 26 release… A little more than a month-long wait… Other than ‘Saga~This is my road~’, it also includes ‘Marius no uta’ with lyrics written by the author of Guin Saga composed by Uematsu Nobuo, ‘todokanu omoi’ with lyrics written by kanon to a piece from the soundtrack, and ‘Where’er you go~Cavalleria Rusticana~’ with lyrics written by kanon based on the opera Cavalleria Rusticana. Also included are music box versions of ‘Saga~This is my road~’ and ‘Where’er you go~Cavalleria Rusticana~’ and an English version of ‘Saga~This is my road~’, making a total of seven songs.

I already created a page for the new mini album, My Road~Songs from Guin Saga, all ready to be filled with the lyrics once I obtain my copy XD


One Response to “must preorder~”

  1. ゼラ Says:

    i can’t wait either!!!

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