I finally got the lyrics up for kuraki mai’s recent best album, ‘ALL MY BEST‘ although I’m missing ‘Baby I Like’. The thing is, I decided not to get this best album and relied on a clip from YouTube to obtain the lyrics for ‘watashi no, shiranai, watashi’, the only new song. ‘Baby I Like’ is a song from an US release which I don’t have and I’m not sure how accurate the lyrics I could find on the web was so I decided not to go through the trouble of posting something I wasn’t even sure of (of course, I would credit the original person who posted the lyrics if I did decide to use it :P)… Pretty much copy-pasted the other lyrics based on what I had from her previous releases :P… Translations will be coming soon.

Lyrics for tainaka sachi’s newest album, ‘Destiny’, will be coming soon…


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  1. janraethessaly Says:

    Yeah…You have nice information there….I am a big fan of Mai Kuraki and I love all her songs…please visit to see some details there…

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