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no need to wait too far into the future~

November 25, 2010

I guess it helps to have songs that I enjoy listening to when typing out the romanized lyrics 😀 FUTURE KISS lyrics are now up, which is quite an accomplishment for me considering that I got my CD couple days ago (I usually wait around for quite some time before working on lyrics due to having no time or being lazy…). Translations should follow fairly quickly.


and a month later~

November 24, 2010

Ok, so it took more than a week to get Tainaka Sachi’s LOVExBEST translations up. The translation itself was done within a week following the previous post but I just didn’t have time to put everything together 😛 It’s finally done and up. I figured I should finish that one before starting on Kuraki Mai’s FUTURE KISS album lyrics. I actually like a few of the new songs and found it less disappointing than the previous singles but each time she sings “I scream” in the song “I scream!”, I keep on hearing “ice cream” XD