best of the best?~

I hate it when they do this: releasing a “best” album with one (or two) new song(s)… I mean, I have to buy an album because there’s no other way to obtain those couple new songs (unless I download :P). For those interested, I started a page for kuraki mai’s 15th anniversary best album. There are three lyrics missing because one of the songs was released on her symphonic album (which I didn’t bother listing on the website) and the two other songs are new. I’ll get to them once my awfully busy work schedule mellows a little…
Also great news to kanon fans! Yesasia has responded to my request to make her newest lullabies album available šŸ˜€ Sad news for me: I need $1 more in purchases to be eligible for free shipping! Maybe I should look for something cheap…


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