wake me up~

March 27, 2014

Finally got around to working on kuraki mai’s newest single, “Wake me up” which is also used at the theme song for the live-action Kiki’s Delivery Service (which I refuse to watch by the way… some things are better kept animated). My initial response was, “I don’t think I like this song” but after giving it multiple chances, it grew on me. It’s catchy and ok but will probably not stay on my ipod for long (need to make more room for other songs >_<) I think I prefer the mellow coupling song better for now. The title "always giving my heart" somehow reminded me of her earlier song, "always" since there's a line in the lyric that goes "always give my heart"… What's also interesting is that the CD was considered to be the bonus of the DVD with the music clip of "Wake me up".



September 23, 2013

Slowly, but surely, lyrics and translations are coming up for fujita maiko. Actually, all singles are done and posted 😀

some variety please~

May 27, 2013

Ok, so I was getting a little tired of working on mizuki nana’s lyrics/translations one right after another so I decided to add another singer to the mix: fujita maiko. I first heard her in hiiro no kakera’s preview clip and liked the song so much that it prompted me to watch the series just for the song XD
On another note, only few more days until my highly anticipated vacation (which means time away from work!)


May 18, 2013

Romanized lyrics for mizuki nana’s 2012 and 2011 singles are done. I’m quite surprised at my progress! Translations are almost done as well… I noticed that my translations for songs I don’t like or don’t care for are pretty sloppy while I had fun with the songs I liked XD

something new~

May 6, 2013

I decided to start adding mizuki nana lyrics and translations since I’ve been listening to her a lot recently. It’ll be a slow project with work being busy and all but it’s something to keep me busy during my free time since none of the other singers are releasing songs often enough to keep me “busy”.


March 2, 2013

Something must’ve happened with my shipment since it took forever to get to me 😦 Nonetheless, I finally got it and lyrics/translations are done for Kuraki Mai’s newest single, TRY AGAIN. My sister mentioned that the “Try again Try again Tray again” sounds like “dragon dragon dragon” and since then, it’s starting to sound like that! I think I like ‘sakura sakura…’ better for that reason XD

February 6, 2013

Kuraki Mai’s newest single finally shipped out! I should be getting it soon 😀 Still debating on whether or not I should buy her Symphonic Collection since it’s a bit pricey for one new song (although all songs are symphonic arrangements)…. I’ll probably buy it if I see it when I visit Japan this year.

next update?~

October 13, 2012

Since it looks like kanon will be taking maternity leave soon, I don’t think we can expect a release from her anytime soon…  I wonder if kuraki mai will be releasing anything else before the year ends….

ok, last update was in May~

August 26, 2012

Just realized that my last update was in May but I didn’t make a new post for that update and simply edited my post in March… May doesn’t seem that bad, right?

Anyhow, lyrics and translations for Kuraki Mai’s newest single ‘koi ni koishite’ is finally done and up. I’m happy with both songs this time 😀

last update was in March?!~

August 22, 2012

I can’t believe how long it’s been since the last update… I finally got my copy of Kuraki Mai’s newest single and the lyrics should be up by this weekend. Aside from that, work’s been keeping me busy as usual. I also bought two new old games that’s been keeping me busy: FFIII and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands (both for the DS) Finally time to dust off my DS XD