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~*UPDATE February 2009*~

i originally posted my translations on msn groups, but since they’re closing that, i’m trying to move the information here. i didn’t quite like multiply, the substitute for msn groups, so i hope wordpress will work better for me.

i started to actively use my deviantart account which can be found here! feedbacks are always welcomed 🙂



Focused on lyrics of my favorite singers. Basically the romaji (transliterations), kanji (if I have it), and translations. Enjoy!

currently up:



~kuraki mai


~mizuki nana



~tainaka sachi

~1000の言葉(1000 Words)


FYI: Although I try to keep my translations (as well as transliterations done by ear only) as ‘correct’ as possible, I won’t say that they are perfect since there are so many ways to interpret the words when translating. If you see some errors that are obviously wrong or misinterpreted and needs correction, please let me know. Also, everything is for entertainment purposes only and is copyrighted or owned by their proper and respectful owners. No profit is being made whatsoever by me. Please do not use anything from this site without giving proper credits to myself or to this webpage. Thank you!