about me


=なんでミンク?= (why mink?)


well, i started using the name “mink/minku” when i first met the manga series, ‘cyberidol mink’, by megumi tachikawa. i fell in love with the story and chose to take the protagonist’s name as my online name. the story was about an ordinary girl named ‘shiraishi minku’ who happens to find this software from the future that lets you transform into anything you want. her friends fools around with the program, thus creating ‘mink’.


now, the series is over and not many people know about this cute story. i use the name now as my ‘official’ online name… it kind of stuck with me. i tend to use ‘minku’ in japanese, and ‘mink’ in english… weird… @_@ and i absolutely abhor the translated manga… it’s just horrible… >-<

mink from cyber*idol mink


=好きな曲について= (about songs i like)


i love mellow songs a lot. i’m not really sure if you can call them ballads, but most of the time they seem to be slow and love-related. oh well. i’m not into rock or rap stuff… or anything with overly loud instruments/bass/noise/sounds/whatever.


you’d probably notice that i don’t have many “popular” singers on my favorite list. i’m kind of sad that naja and sugar are gone now… anyways, i don’t like a lot of jpop singers currently popular because they seem to be mainly selling on their popularity alone (you know, kind of like brand name stuff) and their songs aren’t that great… or maybe i just have completely different tastes from others. but one thing’s for sure: if it has anything to do with hello project or johnny’s production, i don’t want to be part of it. 😛 seriously, i don’t think they look cute/cool and their singing sucks!



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